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Sat Jan 17 11:42:47 EST 2004

Can anyone comment/advise on these and other practices to deal with these
over-dry indoor growing conditions of winter? I am trying a rooting
experiment with hardwood peach cuttings which are just now breaking bud.
They have been and still are under plastic but I expect this will be too
humid in the long run, while at the same time, I am reluctant to expose
them to the further stress of the indoor winter desert. 


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> Tamarinds are quite sensitive to level of humidity.  I have a very dry 
> house during winter heating season & Ive had to keep them under plastic 
> or in a terrarium to keep them alive.  mIEKAL
> On Thursday, January 15, 2004, at 02:03 PM, rob hamilton wrote:
> >
> >
> > Tamarind is germinates surprisingly well, and the seed
> > is viable for a long time.  I looks like Mimosa or
> > "sensitive tree". (same family)
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