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Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Fri Jan 16 10:31:49 EST 2004

Radishes are easy and grow fast.  One variety is called Rat Tail which is
grown for the fruits (ie pods).  In less than 2 months you can go from seed
to fruit.  You would probably have to order a seed packet since I have never
seen this radish variety at my grocery store.
-Mark Lee

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Technically, how about the tomato ?


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Technically, squash is a fruit.  It's pretty easy to germinate any-old
squash seeds, and the plants grow impressively.  I've grown acorn squash
seeds pulled from the fruit.  You might need a large pot to keep it in.  It
has the advantage that you might even get fruit.

On Jan 15, 2004, at 1:30 PM, Tom Olenio wrote:

>My son is doing a school project.   What is the easiest fruit to grow from
>seed, found in the
>supermarket, that produces the nicest plant and does it reliably?

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