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rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 15:03:56 EST 2004

Citrus makes a nice sturdy seedling. Keep it inside by
a window.  It would take a long while before you see
any fruit though.

Papaya makes a nice looking plant and it grows pretty
fast. Again keep it by window.

Avocado is an old standby. I'm sure someone will do
that in the class 

Tamarind is germinates surprisingly well, and the seed
is viable for a long time.  I looks like Mimosa or
"sensitive tree". (same family)

Lychee is make a pretty plant. Kind of looks like
Ficus tree but with rust red young leaves.

Mango makes a pretty plant too.

--- Tom Olenio <tolenio at sentex.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> My son is doing a school project.   What is the
> easiest fruit to grow from seed, found in the
> supermarket, that produces the nicest plant and does
> it reliably?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Canada
> Hardiness Zone 5b
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