[NAFEX] water absorbing gel

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Before you invest in this, I vaguely recall seeing an article about some 
problems with one of these materials.  If memory serves, it wasn't 
adequately tested as to toxity (dermal/contact) and environmental hazards 
(groundwater).   Does this sound familiar to anyone ?  And do you have 
immediate access to this article for posting ?  (Not sure if I could find 


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I haven't tried it, but Fedco carries a brand called Agri-gel in their 2004
Trees catalog (page 23).


Mark Lee wrote:
 > I have been reading about the use of water absorbing polymer gels as
 > a way of helping plants through drought conditions.  This material is
 > similar to what goes into disposable diapers that makes them so 
absorbant.  We
 > get alot of rain in Seattle except in the summer.  I would like to do an
 > experiment this summer to see if adding these polymer gel crystals to the 
 > will help my raspberry plants get by with less watering during the dry
 > summer months.
 > I would be intersted in hearing about a good place to order water
 > absorbing polymer gel, and about any experiences growing fruit with the 
help of
 > this material.
 > -Mark Lee, Seattle

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