[NAFEX] pear trees for Austin, Texas

Dr. Ethan Natelson natelson at pipeline.com
Mon Jan 12 06:25:43 EST 2004

Dear Drew,

      I would think your estimate of 650 average chill hours for Austin is 
on the low side.  It probably is closer to 800 hours.  There is no reason 
to plant varieties such as Orient and Pineapple, which are not of high 
quality.  Not far from Austin, in Llano, Dr. Tullos had established a 
successful Asian pear orchard with Shin Li, Ya Li and Shinko as his primary 
cultivars. Varieties such as Ayers, should work well in Austin.  Probably 
you would do best by contacting the local extension agent (s) to see what 
people are planting.  Texas A&M would probably not be of help since they 
have never had a serious interest in pears, as they have had in peaches, 
for example.  You might contact Travis Callahan, who is the chair of the 
Southern Pear group for NAFEX.  He could direct you to members of this 
group located in your area who could offer suggestions.  Travis identified 
the Southern Bartlett pear which would do well in your location as would Leona.


At 10:05 PM 1/11/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I am trying to obtain information about appropriate pear varieties for the 
>Austin, Texas area.  I have been able to round up very little reliable 
>information regarding this subject.  Most info I have is second hand or 
>vague.  I am told that we receive about 650 chill hours a year.  Would I 
>still be able to plant lower chill varieties like Orient or Pineapple 
>which I am told need about 350-450 chill hours?  Any information or advice 
>would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
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