[NAFEX] spring grafting

Jason MacArthur rotread at localnet.com
Wed Jan 7 17:46:28 EST 2004

I have a few Bud9 apple trees going into 2nd leaf which I would like to 
graft over to other varieties.  I have done cleft grafting on larger 
trees but I am leery of doing this on so small a tree.  Another option 
is to do whip and tongue grafts on all the branches, "topwork" the tree 
so to speak.  A third option, which was recently recommended to me, is 
to bud graft the trees over in spring, a method I am not familiar with. 
  My fourth option is to wait and bud graft the trees in late summer.  
Are there are any recommendations out there?  I am relatively new to 
grafting and apple tree growing, and I don't want to mess up my poor 
little trees!

Jason MacArthur
Marlboro, Vt
Zone 4b

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