[NAFEX] steam juicer / canning

nottke nottke1 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 4 20:06:57 EST 2004

> > The jar is then placed upside down for about 5 minutes, ...
>Why do you place the cans upside down?


I had to go look up why the jar is turned upside down on a cutting board
after sealing it.  It is to assure that all parts of the interior are
heated to the temperature of the contents, which were boiling when ladled
into the jar.
I should also mention that we only use the open pot method of canning for
fruit and fruit products, which due to their sugar content, boil at about
220 degrees or higher.
Non-acid vegetables should be pressure canned to 240 degrees.

Jim - in central NC, where snow is forecast for Thursday evening.

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