[NAFEX] steam juicer

brianLavelle redtail at springgrove.coop
Fri Jan 2 05:20:23 EST 2004

Some purchases in life are a bargain, at any price.....The Mehu-Lisii 
stainless steel juicer- steamer is one such item.  Especially if you can 
find the double bottom  pan.  It will last many years, if you make sure 
to always keep water in the bottom unit.  Grape juice is concentrated, 
and is exquisite.   Apple juice renders a bit too much like syrup for my 
taste.  I much prefer the Harmony Vally Double Tub fruit press for the 
job of sweet cider.

I found both my juicer and the cider press at Lehman's.com.     

The original inspiration for my juicer was a visit from the local vet, 
during which he described a juicer his wife and he simply pinched a  
release clip on a filler tube, and out came piping-hot grape juice to 
fill qt. canning jars with concentrate.   He claimed that they placed a 
sterile lid and ring on the hot jars, and within an hour, all sealed.  
He was right!   We have done it many times! Although it's so easy and 
fun, it almost feels like you are stealing.  To think that you are 
storing away all that great flavor and nutrition, for the price of a lid 
and a small amount of fuel.    I seem to recall reading that this 
process is not 'USDA' approved for long-term storeage.  I couldn't 
comment on that, but I know it works in my pantry until the holidays, 
then I run out of juice and vow to plant a few more vines.    Good luck 
with your enterprise.
                                                     Brian.........S.E.  Mn.

RW Spalinger wrote:

> Greetings,
> Last month someone made a reference to a steam juicer for extracting 
> juice from grapes without adding much water. Could someone point me to 
> a source of one?
> We make a lot of grape jelly in June after our grape harvest, and I 
> think our jelly, which is quite good, I'm told, could be made more 
> intense if we didn't have to boil the grapes in water to get the juice.
> Thanks for any information.
> Randall Spalinger
> Texas, near the Gulf Coast
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