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Sun Feb 29 10:23:53 EST 2004

I've not cooked with many apples aside from the typical Granny Smith or Northern Spy.  A friend of mine recently asked me what was considered to be the quintessential pie apple these days, and whether there were better options out there aside from the Granny Smith he's been using.  I can't offer much firsthand experience as of yet, so I thought I'd post the question on NAFEX to hear what others think.

My recommendations to him---based only on what I've read---were to track down some Bramley's Seedling or Newtown Pippin.  I've heard people rave about Duchess of Oldenburg and Edward VII as well for pies.   An acquaintance of mine in the UK also mentioned a British apple called Winston (Winter King) which seems to have a pretty loyal following over there.   What other great cooking apples should be in everyone's home orchard?

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