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It is difficult to give a specifc answer, but in Zone7 & Zone8 clay, I water dwarf trees with 5-10 gallons at planting & not again until a rainless period the growing season has exceeded one week during their first year of growth.  After that, I only water after a two week period.  In either case, I give each tree at least 5 gallons.

This may not be directly relevant, but I remember a delightful & interesting story told to us by Dr. Gary Couvillon at University of Georgia.  He knew of a very successful nursery that had established a reputation over the years of selling trees that would not die.  Every tree or bush they sold included a bottle of "magic pills" with instructions to dissolve one pill in a 5 gallon bucket of water immediately after planting and each week thereafter during the first year and apply the concoction to the tree.  The nursery owner confided to Professor Couvillon that the magic pills were just aspirin, but he found it was an effective way to get people to water the young trees regularly. Earlier in his career, he had problems with having to replace trees that had died from lack of water despite carefully including instructions to water regularly.  

(The aspirin may, incidentally, have had some effect on eliciting pathogen defense response that would aid in warding off disease, but probably the main effect was to elicit the people to water!)


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I have a question for which a concrete answer will be impossible, but I 
am hoping to get a vague answer gleaned from the collective NAFEX 
wisdom.  I am planting some apple trees into a field with heavy clay 
soil, and I am wondering how much irrigation will be involved.  The 
trees  are mostly on M9, with some Bud9 and some G16 rootstocks.  As a 
general rule, how much watering do they need?

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