[NAFEX] Chokecherries

Joe Boles jo.bo at rogers.com
Wed Feb 25 17:35:13 EST 2004

I have many  Chokecherry (P. virginiana)  on my land; I have eaten them fresh (quite bitter), made jelly and wine of them; they are not poisonous. I would call chockcherry a large bush rather than a tree. I believe the leaves and pits are poisonous though.

Joe Boles
Mississauga, ON

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> I just learned that I have a chokecherry among the trees on my new acreage.
> I did a quick Google search on them and found little information, other than
> the berries are poisonous to humans.  Yet, there were also listings for
> chokecherry jelly and wine for sale.  Obviously, the berries aren't killing
> people so what is the story?  Are chokecherries edible and are they good for
> more than feeding the local wildlife?
> Doreen Howard
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