[NAFEX] Pistachio?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Sun Feb 15 17:47:39 EST 2004

Most P. vera is adapted to a rather mild (zone 7 to 8) climate that is hot
and DRY during the growing season.  Here in Oregon the climate is mild
enough, but with our wet spring weather, the trees never get going and
usually grow about one to two inches per year.  In short, if you want to
grow pistachios that bad, move to California.
-Lon Rombough

Several years ago, Ken Asmus was growing P.vera seedlings, and offered them
for a year or two.  I bought a handful, but none survived the first summer.
They just didn't like my good heavy clay soil and high water table; have no
idea how they'd have done through a KY winter.
Had a conversation with Dr. Louise Ferguson, from the UC-Davis Fruit & Nut
Research Center, and she pretty plainly told me not to waste my time with
them - I'd be better off to stick to pecans, persimmons, and the like.

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