[NAFEX] GM plants, corn , court cases

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BIG oops !!  My last posting was for Peter K only !!   I do NOT want to be 
connecting everyone w/ the patent attorney I know !   At least, not before I 
check whether the business is needed right now.



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Subject: [NAFEX] GM plants, corn , court cases
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1.)  Can anyone give me the citation for a court case where Monsanto (or
others) won on the "ownership" issue of drifted pollen?

2)  Of course all corns we eat today are genetically modified if one wants
to be technical about it - hybridising modifies the genetics.  Inserting by
mechanical or chemical means new genes is what I guess I would define GM
plants to be - does someone else have a better definition I could use?
       I was growing supersweets 20 years ago as well as the old standbys -
results of hybridisation, but not GM or at least it was not called that at
the time......  And a REAL bummer was that if one was not very careful with
the supersweets they turned out not very sweet if pollen from anther variety
nailed them before their own.....or so we were told and so it seemed  (taste
is a funny thing, like the placebo effect, one's mind can make strange
things happen :-))   Never heard of any court cases on ruining the neighbors
crop though.....

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