[NAFEX] Messages... right margin

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Thu Feb 12 18:38:26 EST 2004

I use Mozilla (which Netscape was based upon), and you can select to 
wrap messages to fit the viewing window.  Been too long since I've used 
MS products to know/remember there.

On 11.02.04 15:39 tanis cuff spoke thusly:<br>

> I have noticed this happening only in the archives-- some messages 
> have been recorded as described below.   But as they appear on my 
> received listserv, in my email (Hotmail, various servers), they are 
> always right-margined about 2/3 of way across the functional part of 
> the active page.   I'm med-low computer-savvy, hoping maybe the gurus 
> might be helped by these observations.
> tc
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> From: "Rodney Eveland" <reveland at collinscom.net>
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> Subject: [NAFEX] Messages that extend far to the right of a page.
> Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 10:39:39 -0700
> I noticed that I was sending messages that went far to the right so
> that a reader would have to scroll over to the right, then back, then
> to the right again for every line of the message, and I've seen other
> people's messages that did the same thing. To stop mine from doing
> this I opened Outlook Express, went to TOOLS, OPTIONS, SEND, and
> changed my Mail Sending Format from HTML to Plain Text. I then looked
> inside the button labled Plain Text Settings and verified that the
> "Automatically wrap text at 80 characters" when sending was set to 80.
> I did this because my HTML settings have the automatically wrap text
> option greyed out. This solved "my problem", but I am wondering if
> there is a better way or if I can make the HTML format automatically
> wrap text too. Any suggestions?
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