[NAFEX] Fiction and fact.

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Wed Feb 11 15:46:33 EST 2004

This is like the debate over whether you must fence your own cattle in, on 
your property, or whether it's up to others to fence your cattle OFF of 
their property.   Plant breeders traditionally use the concept of 
"isolation", a field separated (by planning/ intention) from undesired 
pollen sources, for controlled genetics work.   Now Monsanto is saying "our 
pollen can go where ever it will, and we can sue you for being down-wind."   
Rather than that, I prefer the idea Rodney posted.

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I would think that Congress could pass a law that says: "If your GM
pollen drifts, you no longer own or control the 'drifted pollen', but
if it causes a problem you have all of the financial responsibility".
I would think this would cause GM companies to take a 'wee bit' more
care with their product.

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