[NAFEX] people, piglets and deer

Peter Knop knop at erols.com
Sun Feb 8 17:08:29 EST 2004

Sorry all, I really thought I had deleted the rest of the digest.....
People used to be our big problem 40 years ago wandering in and out as we
had more than our share of  trash (still have some :-(, then the pigs were a
nuisance - clever little buggers - listen for the click in the electric
fence and dive through between shocks, and can dig under most anything,  but
we shoot neither anymore - just the deer, to the joy of the local food bank
which gets over a ton of healthy and organic (mostly) meat.  We are
basically organic, so what comes off our place is pretty clean.
     We now have cayotes - anyone with experience in what they will do to
the deer population?  Townhouse folk don't like them, but so far we do -
adds a sense of the wild in the city.  But we also used to like Beavers and
geese....even deer when they were seldom seen and beautiful, including a
white buck for 6 or 7 years.
      Thanks RIvka for the smile!
Peter, zone 7, N. Va Chantilly

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