[NAFEX] Would CO2 Be Organic to kill ground hogs?

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Thu Feb 5 13:11:07 EST 2004



		I would have replied directly to Tom on this, but I have no way to find his email address, as it doesn't appear in the header that is attached to my mail.
		Tom wrote:
		> CO2 is very natural thing, and can be bought in the form of a fire
		> extinguisher.  They no longer use CO2 for fires as it suffocates people as
		> well as fire, so there must be lots of old extinguishers around.
		I think tom is thinking of Halon extinguishers, as I see many CO2 ones around, and see them listed in catalogs.  Also, I believe that excess CO2 makes you drowsy, so rather than running away or digging away, a groundhog might decide to take a nap, one that he would never wake from.
		Sounds like an idea to me, now to figure out how many cubic feet of CO2 are in the big tank that we got at an auction and use for carbonating beer and soda that we make--and then locate the low entrances of the burrows.
		Jim Erdman, in Menomine, WI

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