[NAFEX] Bluebell: Not so great table grape.

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Mon Feb 2 19:29:00 EST 2004

It varies with variety. Some table grapes don't produce their biggest,
nicest clusters until the vines start to mature well, such as 4 years or
more.  The quality may vary a little, but that's usually because the grower
hasn't gotten the hang of the vine and may be overcropping it a little,
which reduces the fruit quality.   Bluebell is a lot like Concord in
character, though it is sweeter and  (to me) has a more aromatic flavor that
I would call better.   It is a little sensitive to soil pH and may be
affected by slightly alkaline soil that wouldn't bother other American
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At the below website it is stated that Bluebell is not great until 4th
year. It is also described as a table grape. My question: Is this
common for a (table) grape to not be "great" until it's 4th year, and
what exactly does great mean? Great taste - great producer etc.... Now
that hardy grapes exist it is more and more tempting to plant them.


BLUEBELL - Labrusca type table, hardy to -35F, ripens about Sept. 1st,
juice, jelly, fresh market, not great until 4th year.

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