[NAFEX] Preventing Plant Shock

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Thu Dec 23 17:56:34 EST 2004

B1 was an old standby for preventing shock.  The bottles of nursery B1 had
instructions for the concentration to use.  Bare root stock was soaked in it
before planting, and a dilution could be used to water directly onto plants
in your situation.  

Then someone did some studies, and B1 didn't really do better than plain
water on bare roots.  Compost tea did seem to have an effect, or even using
a good compost dressing on the transplant.  In this case, the problems may
be changes in humidity and temperature, not just root shock.  To keep the
roots sturdy, I'd layer some compost in the spring - not later than
mid-summer; and you might try an antitranspirant before moving the plant.
You might want to shift the bringing-in and taking-out times to when the
inside and outside temperatures are most similar to avoid thermal shock.

~ Stephen

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Thanks.  could you describe in a little more detail how you treat the 
plants?  I have trouble with this tree suffering shock twice every year 
- when I take it out and when I bring it in.  Advice would be much 
appreciated.  (although it always recovers.)


On Dec 23, 2004, at 3:04 PM, Jim Fruth wrote:

>     Ginda Fisher said:  "When it got cold, I brought it in.  Then it
> dropped all its leaves and started to grow new leaves and branches."
>     Here in Minnesota, and perhaps a few other states, nursery people 
> don't
> seem to know what vitamin B-1 might be used for in the plant world.  
> When I
> lived in California, it could be found on most any reputable 
> nurseryman's
> shelf.  Vitamin B-1 is used to prevent/treat plant shock.  I, 
> personally,
> have had about an eighty percent success rate with it and highly 
> recommend
> it to anyone who transplants or moves plants.  For those who can't find
> Vitamin B-1, I have used a product called 'Superthrive" with equal 
> success.
> I've seen Superthrive listed in Mellingers' and other catalogs.
> Jim Fruth
> Pequot Lakes, MN

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