[NAFEX] Vanette Plum hangs on the tree, even when overripe.

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Sat Aug 28 22:11:02 EDT 2004

I tasted some great fruit this past weekend at the Washington State
University field day in Mt Vernon, Washington.  Three varieties of

1.  Arkcharm Apple - an early red apple bred at the University of
Arkansas.  Good flavor, texture and color for an early apple.

2.  Vanette Plum - good sweet European-type plum with the unusual
of hanging on the tree, even when overripe.

3.  Wesley Plum - very sweet apricot that does well in Western
Washington.  See my previous posting on this variety.

-Mark Lee, Seattle
I'm just reposting this so I can find it when it comes time to order
fruit trees. I like plums that stay on the tree.

While searching for a source I came across this website where someone
is handing out free advice, and I'm wondering if Green Gauge is really
unsurpassed for flavor.


Rodney in North East Wyoming where the late frosts killed my White
Gold cherry and the wind broke my Glacier cherry off about 18 inches
above the graft (it's leafing out again). Black Gold is doing fine in
this it's first summer in Wyoming. Anybody know a source for the
Vanette plum?

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