[NAFEX] Surfactants for possible use on crops.

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Thu Aug 26 20:01:37 EDT 2004

Several months ago there was a conversation about surfactants and the
use on crops. While visiting a laundry I discovered they use 2-4
ounces of a particular non-ionic surfactant per hundred pounds of
soiled work clothing (we are talking really dirty stuff from mechanics
that work on coal mine equipment). Anyhow I recorded the CAS #
(9016459) which may have several dashes in it as 901-64-59 depending
on where you are looking). Anyhow a search on CAS 9016459 led me to
this website where they talk about the top 50 chemicals used on
various crops and this was one of them as was molasses (on oranges).

I found that website from this one:

It turns out that this stuff is used as any of the following on crops:
Adjuvant, Plant Growth Regulator,   Adjuvant, Soap/Surfactant

Then I found this website where you can aquire it relatively cheaply.

I am not recommending this product; merely pointing it out. I prefer
using surfactants as pesticides where it is also used or as part of a
herbicide mix. It is also easy to find the MSDS sheets on this
product. So for those of you looking for a surfactant here it is. If
you look at the above websites you may be amazed to see how many
pounds of each in the top 50 chemicals are used yearly just in
California which is where the above data is found.

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