[NAFEX] Re: How do you tell when figs are ripe?

longdistshtr longdistshtr at shtc.net
Thu Aug 26 15:25:39 EDT 2004

When they are being eaten by ants, june bugs, hornets,
wasps, and gnats.  Mockingbirds, brown thrasher, wood
thrushes and cardinals aren't reliable. They will pick all
of them and when they find a ripe one, will eat it. I saw a
house finch eating one and after every three or so bites,
would defecate.
Raccoons and squirrels eat all the ripe ones if you let 'em.
Big crop this year, best ever. Plenty of fruit flies also.
Their larvae are so small that I ignore them and they also
serve the purpose of discouraging friends(sic) from eating
many. Heh, heh. Lucky, I'll bet you learned about the vacuum
cleaner trick from an apiarist, eh?
Doc Lisenby

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