[NAFEX] Sorbus X Pyrus

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Doreen, your previous posting on this topic I think stated 'Shipova' as a 
Pyrus x Sorbus.  I made it to the Carandale demo plot tour Saturday, and the 
'Shipova' grower's label said Sorbus x Pyrus.  I'm not sure if it makes a 
difference in the Rosaceae, but plant breeders usually try to describe a 
cross as Female parent x Male parent, because sometimes it makes a 

Does anyone know for sure which is correct for 'Shipova'?

The 'Shipova' at Carandale looked to me, at first glance, like a 
mis-labelled pear.  On closer inspection it had strongly-toothed 
amelanchier-like leaves, simle rather than compound, on pear-like branches & 
twigs.  Interesting.  I didn't think to ask anyone if it fruits in a panicle 
or a single pome.


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Below is the answer from Joseph Postman about the fruits he brought to the
NAFEX meeting to sample.
Doreen Howard

The fruit that I brought for sampling was the same clone that is known as
'Shipova'.  We also have this clone under a few other names, including
'Smokvarka'. I've attached the manuscript for the article I distributed, but
it is not the nicely formatted photocopy from Fruit Varieties Journal.  It
also does not have the image included, but you can find the photograph along
with the abbreviated version of this article that is on our website:


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