[NAFEX] Fruit Flies (off topic)

Katherine Russell Katherine.Russell at oberlin.edu
Tue Aug 24 11:40:36 EDT 2004

I recently mustered a cloud of fruitflies out of my kitchen by 1) removing all the delicious smelling fruit from view (into the fridge); and then progressively easing them toward the door by placing some bruised and rotting fruit in the bottom of a grocery sack which I moved towards the door in stages, giving the flies about half an hour for each leg of the journey. They obligingly followed the fruit and rested around it. The door open, I placed the still-open bag right by the threshhold, and over about half an hour most of the fruitflies made the final, scary journey of 5 - 7 feet or so into the outside world where they settled once again on the fruit and the sides of the bag. Door closed, shake bag and re-use or discard. It worked far better than what I had tried before, which was to remove all the fruit and wait for the damn flies to die off. 

Best - KR

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From: Mauch1 at aol.com
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 9:28 am
Subject: [NAFEX] Fruit Flies (off topic)

> Since this is a fruit group, I thought there might be some 
> expertise here on how to control/get rid of fruit flies out of our 
> kitchen.  We keep trying to move resources for them, but they seem 
> to keep finding something to sustain them  (If nothing else is 
> available they'll 'rest' on the Amaryllis plants I have in the 
> kitchen window).  They're a huge cloud as of now.  Has anyone had 
> this kind of problem and what was successful on getting rid of 
> them for you?
> -- 
> Chris Mauchline
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