[NAFEX] Re: Elderberry wine, and winemakers listservs

Ken Schramm schramk at mail.resa.net
Mon Aug 23 22:31:16 EDT 2004

Rob Scott asked about winemakers listservs, and the Mead Lovers Digest
regularly touches on fruit meads. It tends to come out a little less
frequently than this digest, but is well populated with mead makers from
around the world.  Instructions to join are at http://talisman.com/mead/

I have done many fruit meads, and agree that free run (not pressed)
fruit meads surpass pressed fruit meads, to my taste. Pressing tends to
release astringent compounds (tannins and acids) from the skins of many fruits.

Best of luck, Rob.

Ken Schramm
The Compleat Meadmaker

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