[NAFEX] skunk currant

mark wessel growyourown at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 22 22:25:48 EDT 2004

  Another berry that was plentiful in the Boundry Waters was the skunk
currant, Ribes glandulosum. I know people who are familiar with this species
will think I am crazy for eating the thing. It is a red currant. Kind of a
low sprawling shrub. The berries were a little larger than most red currants
I grow. The plant has a very open habit. It truly does smell like skunk when
picked. Regardless, Ithought I would try eating the berries. Of course it
wasnt the  most pleasant thing. Tangy and skunky. Since for me with black
currants it wasnt love at first bite I decide to keep trying them  and they
did grow on me. I grew to love them. Why not .  they were plentiful, easy to
pick and good for me I am  sure. On the trip I ended up eating a couple of
quarts. I know they dont have much commercial potential but when you are in
there range and you dont have any other fresh fruits I think they are well
worth a try.


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