[NAFEX] Rubus parviflorus

mark wessel growyourown at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 22 22:12:43 EDT 2004

   In mid July I spent some time in the Boundry Water Canoe Area in Northern
Minnisota. One of the plants that stood out was Thimbleberry, Rubus
parviflorus. What a lush plant with foliage that has a tropical feel. The
leaves are huge with terminal clusters of large white flowers. The berries
where much larger than most rasberries. None where ripe. I was wondering if
anyone has had any experience with this Rubus.  Even if the berries arent
much count I would love to grow this for the follaige. It would look great
in the garden.  One appealing aspect is that seems to be able to tolerate
some  shade. I kind of think coming from the North Woods that it might not
survive our hot and sweatie summers of the midwest.
Any thoughts on this species.

Mark    southern ohio

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