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Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 09:58:04 EDT 2004

Thank you for directing me to that site on hybrid plum pollinization! 
Excellent article!

This year was the first year that my hybrid plums, have produced super 
abundantly, like the pics you see in Gurneys,  branches drooping from crop 
load, large plums every three inches or so.

All plum trees have P americana frames topgrafted to the hybrid plums. I let 
some P americana branch out lower on the tree so that I could test the fruit 
and also get extra pollinization.

The P americana, in the first year or two seems to flower out of synch with 
the hybrid plums. I attribute the abundant crop this year to the  blooms of 
the P amer and hybrids having overlaped for the first time, becoming more in 
synch as they have grown together. This is just a guess though, I have not 
formally recorded bloom times. (I neglected to thin any of the plums, but, 
this was not necessary with Superior which was 50% shaded, overbearing, and 
still produced large deliciouis, well flavored plums. Monitor doesn't seem 
to suffer from lack of thinning either).

I also have P besseyi seedlings nearby but they didn't seem to be 
pollinizeing the hybrids.

The only plum in that area that didn't produce well this year was S Dakota, 
if I recall it blooms much earlier, but it did crop very well last year, 
perhaps more in synch with the P amer. than this year)

About 150 ft south of that plum thicket are two large plum trees with very 
little cropping, there are no native plums down there only another hybrid 
plum. I suppose they weren't pollinized because they were too far from the 
very few P americana branches.

A friend of mine up northhas a Pipestone with no pollinizer nearby, it still 
set fruit, I suspect due to a native thicket about 100 yards away.

Kevin B
zones 3 and 4/5 Wisconsin, north and south

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