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Hello everyone,

As many of you know Dr. Parmar has been a member of NAFEX and written many 
articles in Pomona for many years. He is still in this country and is Barbara's 
and my house guest today and Monday when he will begin his journey home 
through Miami.

After he returns home he will write a short description of the Himalayan 
fruits he spoke of and had slides of at the annual meeting in Columbia. If any of 
you have a question for him you can e/m it to me. He departs here early 
Tuesday morning.   

In the mean time he has brought copies of a 100 page soft cover book of which 
here is the table of contents and page number to convey the length of each. 


Aegle marmelos Correa 1 
Aesculus indica Colebr. 6 
Berberis aristata DC.. 10 
Cari ssa spina rum Linn  15 
Cordia obliqua Willd. 19 
E/aeagnus umbel/ata Thunb 23 
Emblica officinalis Gaertn  26 
Ficus palmata Forsk. 31 
Ficus roxburghii Wall. 35 
Flacourtia sapida Roxb. 38 
Fragaria indica Andr. 42 
Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng. 45 
Myrica nagi Thunb. 49 
Opuntia dil/enii Haw. 54 
Phoenix sylvestrisRoxb. 58 
Physalis minima Linn. 62 
Prunus armeniaca Linn. 66 
Prunus persica Batsch. 70 
Punica granatum Linn. 74 
Pyrus pashia Buch. & Ham. 78 
Pyrus serotina Rehd. 81 
Rubus ellipticus Smith 84 
Rubus niveus Thunb.   88 
Vitis himalyana Br. 92

This book is available for $20 which includes postage to within the US and 
will be shipped from here (Indiana). I'll need to know if any of you want one 
that I can hold them here until I receiver payment after which I'll ship. Please 
make the check out to myself, 

Jerry Lehman.

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