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Sat Aug 21 11:42:54 EDT 2004

Trailman is great, Kevin, although I agree with you that Centennial is tops.
One plus for Trailman is that it ripens after Centennial and seems to
maintain its crunch for a while longer.  Like Centennial, it offers that
crispy texture not often found in earlier apples.  Trailman also sometimes
develops a cool, somewhat unusual flavor overtones when left for a long time
on the tree.  It seems to be bland before achieving ripeness.  However
Centennial is highly flavored while still somewhat immature.

I think that all the crapples you mention tend to be highly flavored (lots
of sugar and acid) and so might be less suitable for those whose tastes tend
toward Wonder Bread (or its Mexican equivalent, Pan Bimbo).

My Trailman seems to be just as slow growing as Centennial is while young,
and is less fruitful at an early age to boot.  My Centennial is on M7 and
has grown slowly.  I forget what rootstock Trailman is on.  My Northwind
receipt doesn't say, but Bud 118 would be a good guess.  I suggest that both
might do better on a standard rootstock.  Or how about trying softwood

Steve Herje,  Lone Rock, WI   USDA Zone 3, where 18F at full bloom all but
wiped out my apple crop this year, including the above.  That's what I get
for living on the valley bottom, instead of joining the commercial orchards
on the ridgetops near here.  Who, I might add, are two zones warmer.  The
exceptions to near total crop failure are Sweet 16, which is bearing a full
crop, and Honeycrisp, who's looking OK.  Honeycrisp, is there anything it
can't do?

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> I tasted Trailman Crab for the first time this year. According to my
> readings it was the only applecrab seeming to challenge Centennial for
> place as best tasting crab.
> Result: I would rate Trailman as almost as good as Chestnut and Kerr which
> rate second to Centennial. Here is my one person rating of the following
> crabs, in order from first to last place (this is only the first crop of
> Trailman and I only tasted one apple and the Trailman tree was somewhat
> crowded and possibly a bit lacking in sun, nevertheless, I thought it
> be representative, only subsequent years will tell):
> Centennial    10
> Chestnut      9
> Kerr             9
> Trailman       8
> Whitney       6
> I'm very curious about Callaway which Lucky rates highly. Also, Canada has
> many applecrabs that I have yet to try, but most are usually rated lower
> than Chestnut by others.
> Kevin B
> zone 4/5 Wisconsin
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