[NAFEX] Applecrab rating

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 21 10:06:41 EDT 2004

I tasted Trailman Crab for the first time this year. According to my 
readings it was the only applecrab seeming to challenge Centennial for first 
place as best tasting crab.
Result: I would rate Trailman as almost as good as Chestnut and Kerr which I 
rate second to Centennial. Here is my one person rating of the following 
crabs, in order from first to last place (this is only the first crop of 
Trailman and I only tasted one apple and the Trailman tree was somewhat 
crowded and possibly a bit lacking in sun, nevertheless, I thought it might 
be representative, only subsequent years will tell):

Centennial    10
Chestnut      9
Kerr             9
Trailman       8
Whitney       6

I'm very curious about Callaway which Lucky rates highly. Also, Canada has 
many applecrabs that I have yet to try, but most are usually rated lower 
than Chestnut by others.
Kevin B
zone 4/5 Wisconsin

<html><DIV>Kevin Bradley </DIV></html>

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