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Joseph Postman told me the Pyrus X  Sorbus he had there WERE sold as 
Shipova.  I don't know anymore than that, other than that they were quite 

Dan Sorensen

At 03:19 PM 8/20/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>Mark Wessels asked:
> > Doreen and anyone else who attended the conference,
> >    Can you share any of the highlights. Were there new fruit or nut
> > varieties that really thrilled you. Toss us a scrap would you.
>I am tossing only scraps, as I only attended the Sunday mixer and the
>sessions on Monday.  I had a photo shoot and interview to do elsewhere in MO
>on my way home.
>The keynote speaker, Dr. Jules Janick, did a terrific Power Point
>presentation on a 16th century Italian artist's, Caravaggio, paintings that
>featured fruits.  Janick called the art dissection a mirror on Baroque
>pomology.  I'm an art buff, so I especially liked Janick's program.  The
>interesting thing was that when you look closely at various fruits in the
>paintings, you see diseases and insect damage like we have now.  People of
>that time valued fruit as a sign of wealth and fertility and painted it with
>all the warts, including insect-eaten leaves, apple scab, etc.
>Dr. Chiranjit Parmar showed slides of various fruits, herbs and other
>edibles from the area of the Himalayas in which he lives.  Most plants are
>not known to Westerners, but Parmar says they can be developed in the US.
>It was difficult to understand his narrative, so I didn't get much out of
>the explanations.  One thing stuck out, though.  All these plants are wild
>and for the taking.  He said that anyone can harvest them, and they do.
>Then they sell them in his town market or sell them to vendors.  There is no
>such thing as ownership of these vast plantings.
>Richard Moyer did an outstanding job of promoting minor fruits for the
>mid-U.S.  I'll let him detail his presentations.
>A program I especially enjoyed was Joseph Postman's Natural Intergeneric
>Pome Fruit Hybrids.  He passed out some materials on the breeding, but there
>were not enough copies.  If anyone has copies, I'd appreciate a copy of your
>copies and will gladly pay for mailing costs.  Please contact me offlist.
>Specifically, Postman talked about the pyrus X sorbus and cydonia hybrids.
>He brought a cooler full of pyrus X sorbus fruits for us to taste.  They
>were delicious, and I see market potential.  They are NOT Shipova, which is
>already available.  These fruits were the size of a very small pear and
>shaped similarly with a faint blush over green.  The texture was firm and
>crunchy.  Flavor was sugary, but with a range of undertones.  If anyone
>knows the name of this cultivar, please tell us.
>I didn't attend the Tuesday field trips, but wish I would have had the time.
>Everyone visited the U. of MO Agroforestry Research Station.  Two projects
>there sounded very interesting, and I will pursue them later.  U of MO is
>developing a truffle industry for Missouri nut growers--an added market
>product for inter-cropping.  And, they are also developing commercial morel
>These are my scraps.  How about other attendees reporting, too?
>Doreen Howard
>gardendiva at charter.net
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