[NAFEX] successful bud grafts / temperature

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Fri Aug 20 13:00:33 EDT 2004

Woule like to see a picture of this graft, if you can make one.
Charlie Paradise

del stubbs wrote:

> My stone fruit grafting has been either w/t or chip bud, alwasys quite mixed
> results, I keep wondering if the main problem isnt temperature. I remember
> seeing a list of temperatures needed for callusing - and stone fruits were
> at the highest needed temp, aples at the lowest, anyone have such a list?
> Light frost possible this weekend and high in 50's. , I'm grafting stone
> fruits anyway though.
> I have used a combo chip / whip + tongue I am liking more and more. I
> prepare a piece of scionwood like I would for w/t, including tongue, but
> instead of making a matching end cut on the rootstock, I skive it onto the
> side of a branch or main stem. My thoery is that it is a thicker piece of
> scion and has more staying power that way......such as now when it has to
> wait till ? to see 80F.
> Del

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