[NAFEX] hollow plum stones

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Thu Aug 19 13:25:16 EDT 2004

   Several problems here.
First, you couldn't propagate the varieties from pits, no matter what.  The
seedlings wouldn't be the same as the variety, as children aren't exact
copies of their parents.  You have to graft them or otherwise use clonal
   Not sure of the full parentage of LaCrescent, but Opata is an
interspecific hybrid of plum and Prunus besseyi.  Such hybrids often don't
set much viable seed due to genetic reasons that are too long for me to go
into here.  It shows up as just what you are finding - aborted seeds.  You
can sometimes improve the seed development by keeping temperatures more
steady at bloom time.  Say, put a plastic tent over the tree to keep it
warmer and drier during bloom, but you would still probably need to
polliinate it with a second plum to get good kernal development.
   If you are getting good fruit set now, I'd stick with budding or grafting
a new tree.
-Lon Rombough

I have been trying to propagate Opata and La Crescent plums from the stones
the last couple of years with no luck. This year I have been cracking them
open right after eating them and find they are hollow except for a small
dried out seed. It appears that the whole crop is this way. Does anyone know
what the cause is?

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