[NAFEX] successful bud grafts / temperature

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 19 09:17:20 EDT 2004

My stone fruit grafting has been either w/t or chip bud, alwasys quite mixed 
results, I keep wondering if the main problem isnt temperature. I remember 
seeing a list of temperatures needed for callusing - and stone fruits were 
at the highest needed temp, aples at the lowest, anyone have such a list?
Light frost possible this weekend and high in 50's. , I'm grafting stone 
fruits anyway though.
I have used a combo chip / whip + tongue I am liking more and more. I 
prepare a piece of scionwood like I would for w/t, including tongue, but 
instead of making a matching end cut on the rootstock, I skive it onto the 
side of a branch or main stem. My thoery is that it is a thicker piece of 
scion and has more staying power that way......such as now when it has to 
wait till ? to see 80F.

Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

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>On Aug 17, 2004, at 10:55 PM, Bob Hartman wrote:
>. . .
>>>>>* I let the buds dry out in transit. Don't think that's 
>>>>>problem. They went straight from cutting to my mouth, 
and were
>>>>>taken out
>>>>>only when ready to be inserted.
>>>Why put them in your mouth?  I never cut the bud until I am 
>>>to insert it.  From the time I cut it off the bud stick until it
>>>is in place is about 3 to 5 seconds.
>>I had the same question.  You mouth is full of bacteria, viruses,
>>mammalian growth factors, enzymes that break down plant material,
>>and who knows what else. I would try not to touch the cut surface
>>with either my fingers or my mouth if possible.  But I've never
>>done bud grafting, so maybe that's not an issue.
>Good question. It seemed easier to prepare a bunch of buds at once.
>I read  or heard somewhere that commercial budders put a bunch of
>buds in their mouths and spit them out as necessary. So saliva,
>human viruses, etc. didn't count. There was a non-totally scientific
>report in Pomona a while back about how clean the grafts had to be.
>As I recall, this guy was answering a question about that from his
>niece (?) by doing an experiment. Although not exactly conclusive,
>he reported that the cleanliness wasn't such a big deal.
>However, it makes sense that you might as well have everything
>involved be as clean as possible. So I'll try again -- I know it's
>late -- and see whether I can keep everything properly clean. Wish
>me luck.  :-)
>-- sb  In zone 5b wondering where I left my grafting knives. Last
>time, my knife showed up the day after I had given up hunting,
>purchased and received a new grafting knife! Are you sure these
>things are truly inanimate?
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