[NAFEX] Drying black currants

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 09:41:18 EDT 2004

Thanks, The batch in question was a gallon of consort, this is why I did not 
freeze them for 'fresh ' eating later this winter. I'll let you know about 
the drying success.
I took half of this batch and cooked them for 20 minutes with sugar to make 
a sauce, and they turned out so bitter to be hardly edible, almost a metalic 
bitter taste. but the exact same treatment with titania was just wonderful. 
The consorts weren't great fresh, but not terrible like the sauce turned 
out, Any clues??   All I can think of is that some of the berries had the 
little 1/4" stem still on, could this do it? I dont recall if the titanias 
had this.
Sorry to hear of the hail storm!

Del Stubbs  http://www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

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>Subject: [NAFEX] Drying black currants
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>del stubbs  <pinewoodel at hotmail.com>  wrote:
>Mostly what I found regarding  drying currants in a Google search was
>inumerable references to  Corinthian Grapes........
>Questions :
>Would  leaving the currants on the raceme help or hinder drying?
>Don’t know but  would probably take longer
>Is a dehydrator  necessary?  Probably would work  better
>How palatable are  black currants be dehydrated?
>I think they would be very good, especially  the sweeter ones
>Some small fruits are  soaked in some sweetening agent before drying (as
>dried cranberries  obviously are) : important with currants?
>I had planned to dry some this  year and would have done some both ways. 
>would dip the whole berries in  scalding water for 30 seconds to 
“check� the
>skins, and then soak them in White  Karo  for several hours, then drain  
>dehydrate. That is almost what is done with  cranberries.
>I lost all my berries  this year to a hail storm, worst I have ever 
seen. I
>will try this process next  year.
>I thought they  might be great over cereal this winter, and wondered if
>somebody has  already tried this.
>I think they would be good with many uses and even as  a “snack�
>Ed  Mashburn
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