[NAFEX] Drying black currants

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Mostly what I found regarding  drying currants in a Google search was  
inumerable references to  Corinthian Grapes........

Questions :
Would  leaving the currants on the raceme help or hinder drying?
Don’t know but  would probably take longer 
Is a dehydrator  necessary?  Probably would work  better

How palatable are  black currants be dehydrated?
I think they would be very good, especially  the sweeter ones 
Some small fruits are  soaked in some sweetening agent before drying (as  
dried cranberries  obviously are) : important with currants?
I had planned to dry some this  year and would have done some both ways. I 
would dip the whole berries in  scalding water for 30 seconds to “check” the 
skins, and then soak them in White  Karo  for several hours, then drain  and 
dehydrate. That is almost what is done with  cranberries. 
I lost all my berries  this year to a hail storm, worst I have ever seen. I 
will try this process next  year. 

I thought they  might be great over cereal this winter, and wondered if  
somebody has  already tried this.
I think they would be good with many uses and even as  a “snack”  
Ed  Mashburn
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