[NAFEX] successful bud grafts

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at css.tayloru.edu
Tue Aug 17 12:45:34 EDT 2004

Mark Lee wrote
    5. I expect new growth from the bud (Is this wrong?). The only that
    has happened so far is that the budwood shrinks up, and the T cut 
heal over.

I have a 100% failure rate with peach tree budding with buds from 
actively growing wood (non-dormant).

I have a peach tree that's probably about 20 years old and on its last 
legs. Thought it would die two or three years ago after serious borer 
attacks, but although about 50% of the remaining tree dies per year, it 
keeps trying. It fruits reliably here and has nice peaches so I'm trying 
to save it.

Any advice on _successfully_ budding peaches? I seem to do ok with 
apples, but my peach record suggests that I'm missing something. In my 
case, I discovered in the spring that the buds had all dried up. (The 
budding was done right before I left the area.)

Possible issues:
* You can't bud peaches from actively growing wood. I don't think that 
is true, but maybe I'm wrong.
* I used the wrong sized buds. That's possible. The bud cuttings I made 
were about an inch long and 1/4-1/3 inch wide. Left just a bit of wood 
underneath the bud.
* I let the buds dry out in transit. Don't think that's a problem. They 
went straight from cutting to my mouth, and were taken out only when 
ready to be inserted.
* The buds dried out on the tree. That's possible. I did use parafilm. I 
left the leaf petiole (correct word for leaf stem?), but removed the 
leaf proper. I didn't use Doc Farwell's grafting paint, but I now have it.
* Other thoughts?

-- sb  Zone 5b. Happily eating my way through my first batch of asian pears. The flowered last year, but no fruit set. Just got a Stark Bros. 
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