[NAFEX] successful bud grafts

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Tue Aug 17 08:20:24 EDT 2004

We live in similar climates.  I am close to Puget Sound near Seattle.  I
hope you can give me some bud grafting advice, since it sounds like you
have good luck with your own work.  I have tried a few of these bud
grafts the past two summers with no success.

1.  I use a rootstock or tree that is actively growing.
2.  I have used buds from dormant scionwood.  I have also tried buds cut
from actively growing wood.
3.  I cut a T in the rootstock or host tree.  The budwood is whittled
down to a little sliver with the bud attached.  If from an actively
growing branch, I cut off the leaf, leaving a little stem attached.
4.  I seal it, either with a Parafilm wrap, or with Doc Farwell's
grafting paint.
5.  I expect new growth from the bud (Is this wrong?).  The only that
has happened so far is that the budwood shrinks up, and the T cut heals

What is your method?
-Mark Lee, Seattle

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It may depend on where you live, but in south coastal BC (usually cool
damp Falls
and wet winters), we leave the tapes on about six weeks. They should not
be left
on over the winter or the bud may rot.

We cut back above the bud in late February. We don't see any growth
until next


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I chip grafted apples last week.  What are NAFEXer's recommendations for
length of
time to leave the budding tape on?  Assuming the tape is removed at the
recommended time and that the buds  pass the fingernail nick test,
should they
show growth this year or not till next spring?  Thanks.

                                    Dan Hammond

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