[NAFEX] temporary housing for squirrels

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Mon Aug 16 13:28:04 EDT 2004

I'm getting tired of the local squirrels.  They robbed me of my little
walnut crop (maybe 50 nuts total).  I found two that they missed.  Along
with the Blue Jays, they wiped out my wild hazelnuts.  They stole all
but one of my precious pluots.  Now they are going after my Italian
Prunes.  Next year I may make a little hotel for them to check into,
made out of chicken wire, maybe.  They would get plenty of food and
water during my harvest time, and I would release them in the Fall.  (I
don't have the guts to kill them.)  Would I be breaking any laws by
holding these tree rats against their will?

-Mark Lee, Seattle

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