[NAFEX] apricots and sweetness

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Mon Aug 16 11:43:25 EDT 2004

I have read about apricots being sweet or super sweet, but every fresh
apricot I have tried recently has been a disappointment.  I have tried
fresh apricots from various trees around town, but they were all bland.
I paid a premium for some at a farmers market.  These were billed as
super sweet.  That farmer had some really nice peaches, but the apricots
only tasted slightly fruity and not at all sweet.  Not something I would
seek out again.  I was starting to think maybe there is a genetic thing
going on with my tastebuds that makes fresh apricots seem bland to me.
That's what I was thinking until I tasted some new apricot varieties
straight off the tree at a Washington State University field day held
over the weekend in Mt Vernon.  I am trying to track down the name of
the varieties, but these apricots were super sweet as advertised.  I
wonder if the sweetness in apricots rapidly decreases after the fruit is
picked.  I know that sweet corn works that way (sugars turn to starch if
not eaten soon after picking).  I may grow some apricots now after
having a good experience with them fresh off the tree.


Has anyone noticed super sweet apricots losing sweetness after sitting
around off the tree for a few days?

-Mark Lee, Seattle

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