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Suzie, I don't have access to it, but there was a fairly long article in
Pomona about growing tayberries: Triolo, V., "Tayberry Culture." North
American Pomona, Quarterly of the North American Fruit Explorers 23:2
(April 1990): 3-13. 
Also, I believe this is one caneberry that has only met with limited
success in the USA.  One of the reasons for this is presented in the
ATTRA document, Organic Culture of Bramble Fruits
(http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/bramble.html):  "Tayberries were bred
by crossing a blackberry with a raspberry.  The flavor of the fruit
reflects this parentage, and many people feel that a ripe tayberry is
the most flavorful bramble of all.  Unfortunately, tayberries are very
soft when fully ripe, so they don't lend themselves to commercial
production.  Although they are quite thorny, they grow in a manner
similar to trailing blackberries and require similar planting, training,
and pruning techniques."
Sam Brungardt, Saint Paul, MN (USDA Zone 4b)
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Hi all,
While poking around on the 'net for information on the fruits of Mexico,
I came across a New Mexico horticulture guide* that mentions the
cultivation of tayberries. I'm just wondering, are there a lot of
tayberry growers out there? 
Has anyone tried the thornless variety 'Buckingham'?
I guess I'm more curious than anything (although tayberry culture would
make a good article....)
----Suzi Teghtmeyer
Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science
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Enology Center, 
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* Minor Small Fruit Crops for New Mexico Gardens Guide H-326
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