[NAFEX] Cold-hardy pear

Jim Fruth jfruth at uslink.net
Thu Aug 12 08:11:14 EDT 2004

    Eight to ten years ago, I bought and planted three pears from the, then, Bear Creek Nursery.  The varieties were Nova, John and Ure.  A couple of years ago, the John bloomed, didn't set fruit, then promptly died of unknown causes.  
    The Nova has been trying to die since its second year here.  It is an ugly cripple of a tree with half its bark dead on the bole and grotesque limbs that grow a while before they die.  A root sucker finally popped up and I grafted something else on it.
    My Ure tree finally bloomed this year, has two fruits on it and is a fine speciman of a pear tree.  I also bought three other alledged zone 3 pears that are dead or trying to die., Summer Crisp, Flemish Beauty and Buerre Giffard.

Jim Fruth
Pequot Lakes, MN
zone 3
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