[NAFEX] cold-hardy pear question

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Aug 11 17:45:52 EDT 2004

This request for information has been hanging out at one of the forums I 
frequent for a few days.  Thought maybe some of you folks up the real 
frigid north could shed some light or make some suggestions.

"I am interested in some of the pear varieties offered by St. Lawrence 
Nursery, a nursery that specializes in cold-hardy pears. I haven't heard of 
any of their varieties, although I know the nursery enjoys an excellent 
reputation. Has anyone had any experience with 'Nova' or any of their other 
varieties? I need, in order of importance:

1. Generally robust tree, but not necessarily fire-blight resistant. (not a 
problem around here).

2. Excellent, melting eating quality, i.e. no canning expected.

3. Attractive appearance, especially in bloom an in fall foliage.

3. Fairly, but not hugely cold-hardy.

4. Late bloom desirable, although I know there isn't much to choose from 
with pears. "

Thanks for your input...

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