[NAFEX] Ripe mulberries now!

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at css.tayloru.edu
Wed Aug 11 15:19:02 EDT 2004

I just found a mulberry tree that appears to be smack bang in the middle 
of its fruiting. This is a good month plus after all other mulberries 
around here stopped fruiting. Is this a[n unusual] late summer mulberry, 
or is it just our wierd cool summer throwing off yet another plant?

Speaking of mulberries, when the traditional purple ones mix with small 
children the result tends to be a big mess. :-)   Pomona has had 
references to white mulberries as tasting and being non-staining. The 
name "afghanistan" shows up frequently. Any comments or recommendations 
on mulberries that kids like and won't stain everything?

-- sb East IN, Zone 5b

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