[NAFEX] Wild fruit (beach plums) provide a tart treat

boyd manges bmanges at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 14:06:52 EDT 2004

I have 4 beach plums, including a first year "nana". 
I grow them on the west side of my house exposed to
stinging winter winds and none have had any
significant wind burn.  "Jersey" was listed as a
hybrid and had one inch fruit in multiple colors, I
forget the name of the other hybrid, also sweet and
smallish in reds, yellows and purple.  I liked the
species plants best as I think they would provide more
color and flavor to wine and jelly (in fact they
resemble a red wine grape in size and tannins)  I just
shared another bottle of a low alcohol, brut wine from
last years crops with friends and all were impressed.
I mixed the steam extracted plum juice (from all 3
varieties) with white grape concentrate and stopped
the fermentation early.  It was hard to clear, but
very fresh and slightly sparkling.   In summary, beach
plums are a very hardy sprawling small tree/bush.  I
would recommend the small fruited varieties as they
are best suited to wine or jelly making--for fresh
eating, stick with a good japanese or european plum. 
I think "Nana" meets these requirements from my

boyd manges
petoskey, MI z5

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