[NAFEX] Wild fruit (beach plums) provide a tart treat

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Aug 11 11:21:52 EDT 2004

At 07:59 AM 8/11/2004 -0700, Lon wrote:
>I have some grafted on St. Julian, and they do nicely on that, becoming 
>large shrubs, except that the ones I have are in different 
>locations.  Since they bloom so much later than regular plums, and aren't 
>self-fertile, mine have never set fruit as the plums nearby are all gone 
>when they bloom.

I was thinking I remembered mine being much later blooming - and later 
maturing fruit - than the Japanese hybrids(on the rare occasions they 
manage to keep any fruit, due to normal spring frosts), European 
types(still waiting for these to bloom, much less fruit), or the thicket of 
native Chickasaw plums(P.angustifolia) that's spreading from a couple of 
seedlings/suckers I moved from the cow pasture, for use as rootstocks 
before I was fully aware of their enormous potential for suckering.
I don't know for sure how they'll do for Mark in the PNW, but they seem to 
be well-satisfied here in KY.
I checked OIKOS' website - www.oikostreecrops.com, and Ken is still 
offering seedling selections of P.maritima


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