[NAFEX] Wild fruit (beach plums) provide a tart treat

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
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The link in the story had a typo.  Here is the correct link to the beach
plum growers guide:



Does anyone in NAFEX grow beach plums in an environment that is not near
the beach?

-Mark Lee, Seattle


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WILD fruit provide a tart treat 
from the(Dover) Delaware Capitol Review 
...She waded into thickets to gather the tiny, blue fruit.... A cold,
windy spring might strip the shrubs of blossoms before they can product
fruit.... <


Here's an excerpt from this story: 

        But Cornell University, the University of Massachusetts, and
Cape Cod Cooperative Extension have developed a guide that might help
farmers raise beach plums more successfully.

It is available online at beachplum.cornell.edu/bpguide, and suggests
soil conditions, plant spacing, and schedules for pruning and


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