[NAFEX] Plums and early ripening

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Sun Aug 8 15:35:01 EDT 2004

John Bunker has said, and I agree, that the pollen thrown by most of the hybrid plums is of POOR quality, we use all the techniques you just mentioned to get the most pollen thrown at our hybrid plums blooms to increase the set.

Yes - I plant my plums close together
Yes - overlapping branches are good
Yes - plant many varieties.
No - don't graft a pollinizer on each tree
Yes - consider planting in clumps [talk about overlapping branches]

Ken Parr of northern Vermont, [cold], wrote excellent little report on overlapping branches, one of his heavy setters was Kahinta.  Ken is 94 and lessons from a master are worth paying attention to.  This year here in Massachusetts Kahinta is once again proving it rules in plum set, and it carries its plums right through to ripe without total loss to insects.

Most of the named varieties are just junk.

I have many pure american plums growing this year from seed.  These will outdo most of the named varieties here.
Charlie Paradise

del stubbs wrote:

> <I think it is a good idea to have lots of pollinizers nearby for
> <maximum production, not just two different ones.
> Thanks for all the plum variety advice, everyone. I remember a post last
> year that emphasized planting plums like a thicket - for pollinizing.
> Is this because of early bloom and few bees?
> What is close enough?
> I really don't know what diameter to expect of a mature plum in zone 3 on
> heavy soil. I planted one batch on a 10' grid, the others on the 15' grid of
> the apple orchard.
> Perhaps one should graft in a pollinizer on each tree?
> Thanks , Del

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