[NAFEX] walnuts versus squirrels

markl markl at nytec.com
Sat Aug 7 17:14:31 EDT 2004

I have a seedling walnut that is producing a crop of nuts for the first time.  It has taken about 20 years to reach this point.  So now I want to harvest the nuts before the squirrels get them all.  They are green on the outside, and the shells are starting to get woody.  Inside, the nutmeat is almost to its full size.  Should I pick them green and dry them in a safe place, or should I let them hang on the tree until they start to fall off?  Also, how do I process them after picking so that I have a pile of nuts with clean shells, and not a pile of slimy black balls that they will turn into when the green outer coat starts to rot?
-Mark Lee, Seattle z8

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